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All in one Point of Sale System
All apps and Systems you need to run a smart modern restaurant

Cashier Point of Sale

Intuitive, intelligent and essential.

An intuitive UX ensures staff know exactly how to manage, understand and utilize Marn point-of- sale platform. Graphical datasets are displayed front and centre to make sale management and history tracking effortless. Top selling products are emphasized to make inventory organization easier than ever.

Inventory Managment

Realtime inventory monitoring via intelligent iOS notifications.

Cross-platform cloud support allows inventory and stock level notifications to be sent to any iOS device.
Intelligent notifications immediately notify all parties of fast-selling products so new ingredients can beordered before they're out of stock. Poor-performing products can also be recognised and discontinued.

Smart Analytics and Reports

Essential, insightful data and sale analytics at a glance.

Automatic sales recording mean profit, costs, earnings and transactional data is accessible in real-time from any iOS device. Reports include data relating to returning customers, sales per hour/month/year and even employee KPI reports. It's the insight needed to remain competitive.

Kitchen Display System

Prevent mistakes, reduce delays and contribute to a productive kitchen.

All menu interactions are directly relayed to the kitchen, making the risk of human error virtually impossible. Product preparation times are displayed in real-time via the Marn platform, alerting of potential delays before they occur. If an order is delayed, changed or removed, kitchen staff are immediately signalled to stop the preparation of a meal.

Table Management

Improve customer service and keep the venue productive.

Access to real-time restaurant data makes informing customers, kitchen staff and visitors easier than ever. Notifying customers of wait and food preparation times means everyone is provided with the most informative, streamlined experience. It's easy to assign tables and keep the venue running smoothly throughout the day and into the evening.

Call Center Management

Make sales easier for the most loyal customers.

Implementing an additional layer of cooperation for customers is essential to offering a seamless experience. The Marn platform Call Center Service allows telephone orders to be directed from a central department to a specific restaurant or Point of Sale for fulfilment. This enables a single hotline for all orders, no matter which restaurant is required to fulfil the order.

Customer Notifier

Leave customers to control their orders.

To keep customers updated on the status of their meals, the Customer Notifier displays all order updates and information in an intuitive, visual way. At a glance, patrons can see whether their order is being scheduled, prepared, served or ready for collection. There’s no need to give periodic updates or call out names as the notifier has already provided a status update.

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