A modern, advanced, fast, and easy-to-use system.

An integrated sales and management system.


A cloud-based system

You can login from anywhere.


Works on iPad devices

POS (Point of Sale) which is fully functional on iPad devices.



Keep selling even when the internet cuts.


Accept Payments

The Marn system works with many local and international payment providers.

Fast and safe

Flexible and smooth payments.

NFC Payments
QR Payments
Pinpad Payments
Taptophone Payments

Receive payments through our partner payment service providers in the Kingdom and around the world.

Payments Solutions from Marn
Multi-channel E-commerce is easier than ever!

Integrated online sales orders

Increase your sales with all ease, all you have to do is connect the Online Ordering System to your device; to receive online orders directly at your POS (Point of Sale).

Connect your store online

Connect your store online with Marn

Receive orders online

Receive and place orders online

Time and product management

Track products and sales in real-time using the control panel.

Work more efficiently

You can now make a financial budget in addition to many more financial management features.


A complete group of integrated products. to help you work more productively.


POS (Point of Sale)

All apps and Systems you need to run a smart modern restaurant, Manage your restaurant and cafe, get paid, make and receive orders.


CDS (Customer Display System)

The screen opposite the customer, through which the order details are displayed, with a barcode scanning feature, it is directly linked with the loyalty systems and allows multiple payment options.


Kitchen Display System (KDS)

A unique experience that makes it easier for the kitchen staff to accomplish multiple tasks on time; by receiving orders of all their different kinds, managing them, and monitoring the execution time until their delivery.and even more than that.

Retail POS

Retail Cashier System

Numerous solutions in a single device for the retail sector; the system offers you all the features of a POS (Point of Sale) with high definition displays and a built-in printer, as well as a cash drawer and barcode reader.


Catering System (Waiter)

Enabling to receive customer orders in a more professional and easy way, with this smart system, which is a link between the customer and his order.Connected directly to the POS (Point of Sale) system and the Kitchen Display system; to make it an extremely effective experience to the furtherest extent.


Order Status Screen (Notifier)

The screen which answers the customers' questions and keeps them informed on the status of their order, and alerts once the order is ready, each order is arranged by number, and it is connected directly to the Kitchen Screen System to inform the kitchen staff of the sequence of the orders and the required time for their preparation.

Marn GO!

Marn Go

If the nature of your work requires you to be out in the field or perhaps you do not have enough space!Marn Go is a mobile device that offers all the features of a POS (Point of Sale) system.


EDS (Electronic Delivery System)

The link between the chef and the one placing the order; once the order is prepared, the system issues an alert, and identifies exactly which table the dish should be served to.

Secure Cloud-based system

Say goodbye to bulky devices, maintenance hassles and data backup fees. Leave it all for the Marn team; where we store your data in the cloud, to keep it safe and available, allowing you access anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Continuous operations even when offline.

In the offline mode from Marn, your business continues even when the internet goes down.Never worry and keep receiving your customers' orders, these orders will be synced automatically when the POS (Point of Sale) goes online again.

Data Analysis

The best business decisions come from accurate reporting and sound data analysis.Marn provides you with important performance reports that enable you to track your sales and get valuable information that helps you in making informed decisions; such as peak hours, preferred products for your customers and much more.

Continuous Development

Nothing stops our constant desire to develop and improve.We guarantee you the continuous updating of your system. We listen to our customers, and we develop our system in line with their needs and aspirations; so that we continue to grow and deliver with their work.
Marn supports multiple languages, and allows users to use more than one language, in both the Control Panel or in the apps on the iPad.
Point of Sale (POS)
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