Restaurant Solutions

Order Status Screen (Notifier)

The screen which answers the customers' questions and keeps them informed on the status of their order, and alerts once the order is ready, each order is arranged by number, and it is connected directly to the Kitchen Screen System to inform the kitchen staff of the sequence of the orders and the required time for their preparation.

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Organization is always a priority for success

The first task of the screen is to keep the restaurant highly organized between the ordering department and the kitchen, to enable the staff to work smoothly and provide fast service to customers.


Always be ahead of the red colour

Your customers won't wait long; the screen alerts the kitchen staff if the order exceeds the time specified for its preparation, always be ahead of the red colour; maintain the black colour when preparing, and the green colour when delivering.


Display it on any smart screen

Maintain the visual appearance of the restaurant by operating the system on any smart device of your choice.

To provide a great customer experience the Order Display Screen (Notifier) is connected with:

To provide an exceptional experience
Loyalty systems
Earn the loyalty of your customers
Inventory Management
Stay informed of all the details.