Start franchising and follow remotely

Marn systems gives you the convenience of following up on the commercial franchise that you grant to any party, enabling you to follow up on all operations, moment by moment, remotely.


Follow all your requests remotely.

One of the features of the system is that it allows you to follow up on all channels of receiving requests, as well as the status of the request being paid or not, empowering you to have complete control over your enterprise.


Increase the loyalty of your customers

The POS (Point of Sale) systems enable you to add customers to your store, raising the level of loyalty by providing special and customised discounts and new product updates.

A set of features available in all our systems.

To raise the loyalty and facilitate the sales process with continuous follow-up.

Receive payments with complete ease
Loyalty systems
Earn the loyalty of your customers
Inventory Management
Stay informed of all the details.