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Kitchen Display System (KDS)

A unique experience that makes it easier for the kitchen staff to accomplish multiple tasks on time; by receiving orders of all their different kinds, managing them, and monitoring the execution time until their delivery.and even more than that.

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Let the work in the kitchen be like a beehive.

With the direct link to the cashier, the chef will be able to receive orders through a clear interface, prepare the order on time, and once finished an alert is issued to the number screen if the customer is waiting in the shop, or for the waiter, or the delivery application driver to collect the order.


More than a screen!

Do you have many staff in the kitchen?You can provide more than one screen, keeping the work organized, smooth, and fun.


Manage the tables professionally

For better customer service, the screen enables the Head of the Kitchen to manage orders, inform of the preparation duration for the order, and whether the order is dine-in, take-away, or via a delivery app.

To deliver a great customer experience the kitchen display is connected with:

Receive payments with complete ease
Loyalty systems
To provide an exceptional experience
Inventory Management
Stay informed of all the details