Restaurant Solutions

EDS (Electronic Delivery System)

The link between the chef and the one placing the order; once the order is prepared, the system issues an alert, and identifies exactly which table the dish should be served to.

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Organized and professional sequence of work

The system alerts the one placing the order that the items are ready to be served, which will be found ready on the kitchen table besides the screen, instructions are provided for each item and exactly which table to be served.


All the different available services in a single device.

which will aid in raising the level of management in the restaurant, the system allows the user to fully control the orders and activate the different channels.


Less processes, more productivity

The more you can reduce and speed up processes, the more efficient the work becomes, thus enabling you to deliver a great customer experience.

To deliver a great customer experience the EDS (Electronic Delivery System) is connected with:

To provide an exceptional experience
Loyalty systems
Receive payments with complete ease
Inventory Management
Stay informed of all the details.