Convenience Stores

Run your convenience store efficiently

Point of Sale system special for convenience stores provides a list of automatically added products, various payment methods, and cloud inventory management.


Speed up the sales process by scanning the barcode of your products.

Marn GO system comes with a barcode scanning feature to speed up the purchasing process in your store, and raise the level of efficiency.


Expand your product base with ready-made data

A Point of Sale system designed for convenience stores has the feature to add a ready-made database related to convenience stores, in addition to the feature of adding an open-priced commodity, such as commodities sold in kilograms, allowing you to add the quantity according to the customer's request.

A set of features available in all our systems.

To raise the loyalty and facilitate the sales process with continuous follow-up.

Receive payments with complete ease
Loyalty rewards systems
Earn the loyalty of your customers
Inventory Management
Stay informed of all the details.