Sales Solutions

POS (Point of Sale)

A cloud system that facilitates all buying and selling operations, and enables you to receive payments, view various reports, monitor inventory and performance reports for employees from anywhere and at any time.

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Focus on big ideas and let Marn do the hard work for you.

With its wonderful features, smooth and clear interface, and full customisation so you can adjust the settings to suit your needs. Marn offers you an integrated experience by linking to the systems that provide you with the best services.Loyalty systems, delivery apps, accounting systems, and more...


Add unlimited items with no fixed price!

Your customer may ask you for a specific service that is not categorized in the system, or you would like to provide a customised service. Marn enables you to do so and receive the payment from your customer with ease.


Always be ready for your customers' needs to pay

It offers you multiple payment solutions to suit the needs of your customers; for higher sales and added convenience.

To deliver a great customer experience the system features:

Marn Payment
Receive payments with complete ease
Loyalty systems
Earn the loyalty of your customers
تقارير مرن
Inventory Management
Stay informed of all the details