Retail Solutions

Retail Cashier System

Numerous solutions in a single device for the retail sector; the system offers you all the features of a POS (Point of Sale) with high definition displays and a built-in printer, as well as a cash drawer and barcode reader.

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Efficiency in all its ease

You don't have time to train employees on intricate details, with just a few simple instructions, this device can be used by any employee with ease.


Speed up the purchase process in your store through the different interfaces

In the event that there are several items ordered in large quantities, the number pad allows for all the different products to be added with ease.


Each product or item has its own data that is directly related to the store's inventory.

The system contains a database for each product; to facilitate and speed up the process and track the inventory.

To provide a great customer experience the retail cashier is connected with:

Receive payments with complete ease
Loyalty systems
Earn the loyalty of your customers
Inventory Management
Stay informed of all the details.